The ShedSynth is a Eurorack-sized modular synthesiser built from scratch using hand-tools.

Most of the modules are fairly basic analogue circuits from schematics found on the web.

Through-hole components are mounted on perfboard with individual plated-through holes, wired point-to-point with Kynar wire. Separate sub-circuits are connected with jumpers on breakout pins so I can re-use existing boards to prototype later experiments. A lot of the modules use multiturn preset pots instead of carefully calculated resistors.

Some modules have Arduino Nano 8-bit microcontrollers to generate control voltages, but there is no digital communication between modules.

Front panels are 2mm aluminium sheet, cut and drilled by hand. Circuit boards hang at 90° from the potentiometer nuts, with those solder-joints reinforced by hot-melt glue. Jack and switch connections are on flying leads.

The case was made from an old pine shelf, with drilled wooden strips instead of aluminium rails and woodscrews from Wilko.

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